Wednesday Curriculum starting December 15th U-1000

15 weeks course will cover:

  • Opening Preparation, Understanding theory of chess combinations, classical games, and more.
  • All students will receive a Certificate of participation and all material will be shared on a special chess platform. A free platform account will allow students to play online chess tournaments, receive weekly assignments, and much more. 
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  1. Black openings.
  2. White openings.
  3. Role of the opening in the chess game.
  4. Connecting openings with middlegames.
  5. Typical middlegame ideas after the openings.
  6. Classical games.
  7. Tactical patterns.
  8. Theory of chess combinations.
  9. Calculation technics.
  10. Endgame tactics
  11. Pawn structures.
  12. Basic endgame elements
  13. How to use minor pieces
  14. How to use heavy pieces.
  15. Practical, tournament advice. 

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