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Qualified Customer Program

Valuable Program with No Hidden Costs

Hi Tech's Qualified Customer Program is offered to businesses seeking cost-effective solutions with added benefits. The program's most notable feature is that it comes with absolutely no membership fees or hidden costs.

  1. No Membership Fees: The absence of membership fees ensures that customers can access the program without any financial burden.
  2. Free Next-Day Delivery: Free next-day delivery is a benefit for those who rely on timely deliveries for their business or personal needs.
  3. No Minimum Orders: The absence of minimum order requirements makes it accessible to both occasional and frequent buyers.
  4. Discounted Pricing: The program offers discounted pricing based on volume and product mix over time. This rewards loyal customers and encourages them to purchase more from Hi Tech.
  5. Progressive Discounts: The progressive nature of pricing discounts, calculated automatically, provides an incentive for customers to consolidate their purchases and explore a wider range of products.
  6. Multiple Discounted Pricing Levels: The availability of multiple pricing levels allows customers to work towards higher discounts as they continue to engage with the program.
  7. Additional Benefits: The promise of qualifying for coupons, sales, discounts, freebies, rebates, and more.

If you're not receiving these benefits, enroll today to become qualified! 

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