Dear BeST partners, affiliates and friends

We’re reaching out because we’re organizing virtual meetings with select groups of partners and associates to discuss how they approach war-gaming. These open discussions will focus on different professional aspects such as methodologies, challenges, opportunities, etc. Each meeting will include attendees from different regions and industries, so we can all learn from each other’s unique experiences.  


If you’re interested in connecting with us sometime in the coming months, please reply to this email with your preferred dates:  

  1. Monday, September 13 at 0930 IDT / 0230 EDT / 0830 CET / 1630 AEST
  2. Monday, September 13 at 1700 IDT / 1000 EDT / 1600 CET / 0000 AEST


We look forward to reconnecting with you in the near future!  

Remember that success is mutual! We’re committed to helping you reach your targets and ensuring you get the most out of BeST.

This is why we’re excited to connect with you to share our insights and to learn from yours.

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