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Give the Gift of Blue

The symbolic blue corduroy jacket is far more than Official Dress, it is an icon of an American tradition–instilling pride and responsibility in those who wear it.

To help make the member experience more inclusive, Beck’s is partnering with individuals and their dealer network to serve as many students as possible by providing FFA jackets for first-year members.

Sponsor an FFA Jacket

By joining Beck’s, you will give a member the chance to experience the pride of wearing their own blue jacket. Having an FFA jacket opens doors for students by allowing them to participate in competitions, conferences and events. Through these programs our members learn life skills that will serve them for years to come.

Please join us in providing FFA jackets for students in your area by donating online or by downloading the donation form for Beck’s Dealers or for individuals.

Apply for or Nominate a Member to Receive a Jacket

Beck’s is committed to serving as many students as possible by providing FFA jackets for first year members! With the generous support of individuals and their dealer network, they will be providing more than 100 FFA jackets to students across Ohio.

All first year FFA members in Ohio are eligible including middle school members to apply for an FFA jacket through the Blue Jackets by Beck’s program. Applications must be submitted by October 15th. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The application includes three essay questions.

  1. What does the FFA Blue Jacket mean to you? (Minimum of 50 words)  
  2. Which FFA opportunity are you most looking forward to and why? (Minimum of 50 words)
  3. Describe one goal you have for your 1st year in FFA. (Minimum of 50 words)

Teachers will be notified by email for students who are selected as jacket recipients. Winners will be required to send thank you notes to the donors that made their jacket possible.

Again this year, the Ohio FFA Foundation will send checks to the recipients' schools and teachers will order jackets. This is to ensure all recipients' information and sizing is accurate. Also, community supporters or teachers may nominate a student to receive a jacket.

Please contact Jessica Parrish ( with questions. More information about Beck’s and their other community support efforts can be found here.

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