Fundraising & Event Resources

Welcome! We're excited to help you to launch your fundraisers and events this semester and crush your fundraising goals. This page contains some training resources and guidance for helping you to create the best possible fundraising/event page on your CrowdChange site.

There have been some exciting and significant changes to your site since the last time you may have used it, so please make sure to review the resources on this page.

PDF How-To Guide:

By clicking the button below, you'll access an easy to follow PDF guide that will walk you through the fundamentals of setting up your CrowdChange page (you can also watch the walkthrough video further down this page).

Setting Up Your CrowdChange Page (A New Look!)

Your CrowdChange site is super easy to use, but if you'd like some guidance on setting up your page, or if you'd like to learn a bit about some features that you may not have used yet, feel free to follow along with the video below.

If you have used CrowdChange before, you'll notice that your fundraising pages have a new look, and that we've added an array of new functionality to help you better customize your page and make it truly unique! This video will also help you to get familiar with these exciting changes (skip to 13:09 for this part of the video).

7 Keys To Crushing Your Fundraising Goal

In the recording below, we look at 7 proven fundraising strategies with actionable tips that will help you to raise more money, increase engagement, inspire your team, and set your chapter up for long term success.

Looking for some one-on-one guidance?

Our team would be more than happy to connect for a call to help walk you through the process and offer some personalized tips to help make your page as successful as possble.

Please feel free to book a call with one of our Chapter Success Managers by clicking the button below: