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In 1997, Steve Snyder started working as an air conditioning service tech in the Phoenix area. One of the most time consuming and frustrating jobs he and many other technicians faced was lifting heavy, cumbersome furnaces/air handlers through compact attic access hatches.  

During that time, Steve also started training as a firefighter for the Avondale Fire Department. One day during his Technical Rescue Team training, he participated in a manhole rescue exercise that used a tripod and rope winching system in a confined space. It was then that the vision for the Attic PRO® came to him. “I got the idea that I could adapt the manhole rescue technique for furnaces and air handlers by using the roof trusses.”

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Steve designed about five prototypes and landed at a design that was able to lift up to 250lb of furnace/air handler 20 feet into an attic safely using C-clamps that could accommodate any size roof trusses. “The final result was that this invention could now make the hardest part of the day the easiest part of the day. For a technician it’s really a no brainer.”

With his invention in hand, Steve went to the 2016 AHR show and wound up at the SUPCO booth. “SUPCO was willing to take the chance on this great idea. They helped make the manufacturing more cost effective, and brought the Attic PRO® to supply houses nationwide.”

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