Cisco has dominated the state of California's data centers for years. We have personally witnessed the frustration of countless network engineers, IT specialists, IT Managers, and Operations managers as they deal with poor support, legacy tools, expensive pricing models, and over complicated quoting systems.

If you have had similar struggles with Cisco then I am thrilled to proclaim that there is another way: Arista Networks. We have recently partnered with Arista Networks and we want to share with you why Arista could save you money, time, and headaches.

In the realm of networking, Arista Networks has emerged as a formidable contender, challenging the long-standing dominance of industry giant Cisco. With its innovative approach and dedication to customer-centric solutions, Arista Networks has successfully positioned itself as a superior alternative in the competitive networking landscape. How?

1.) Agility and Innovation:

Arista Networks has distinguished itself through its agility and commitment to innovation. Unlike Cisco, which often relies on legacy systems and complex architectures, Arista Networks embraces a software-driven approach, delivering streamlined, scalable, and adaptable solutions. This approach allows for rapid response to market demands, enabling businesses to stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

2.) Performance and Scalability:

Arista Networks excels in providing high-performance networking solutions tailored for modern data centers and cloud environments. Its advanced hardware and software architecture are purpose-built for fast, reliable, and scalable networks, ensuring optimal throughput and reduced latency. Arista Networks switches outperform their Cisco counterparts in terms of packet forwarding rate, port density, and overall network efficiency.

3.) Open Standards and Interoperability:

Unlike Cisco, known for its proprietary systems, Arista Networks emphasizes open standards and interoperability. This approach fosters flexibility, allowing businesses to integrate Arista's solutions seamlessly with their existing infrastructure and third-party technologies. It promotes vendor neutrality and avoids vendor lock-in, providing organizations with the freedom to select the best-in-class components for their networking environment.

4.) Cost Efficiency:

Arista Networks offers a compelling cost advantage over Cisco, both in terms of upfront investments and long-term operational expenses. Arista's pricing models are transparent and competitive, delivering value without compromising on performance or functionality. Additionally, Arista's software-defined networking (SDN) solutions reduce complexity and operational overheads, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

5.) Proactive Customer Support:

Arista Networks is renowned for its customer-centric approach to support and service. The company prioritizes building strong relationships with its customers and offers responsive assistance, ensuring prompt issue resolution and minimizing downtime. Arista's commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond mere product delivery, fostering trust and loyalty among its user base.

Arista Networks has proven itself as a worthy competitor to Cisco in the networking industry, offering superior agility, performance, scalability, open standards, cost efficiency, and customer support. With its innovative software-driven solutions, Arista Networks has carved a niche for itself in the market, empowering businesses to build robust and future-proof networking infrastructures. As organizations seek adaptable and forward-thinking networking solutions, Arista Networks continues to thrive as a leading choice, challenging the traditional dominance of Cisco and shaping the future of networking technology.

To learn more about Arista Networks, please feel reach out to our sales team.