Join us on Zoom to Celebrate Purim !!!
Thursday, February 25 from 6:30-7:30
Costumes are optional but HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!

Purim is the holiday of joy and laughter,
so wear a silly hat, make yourself a noisemaker ,
p our yourself a drink, and get ready to have fun together.
Our all-star lineup will be reading the Megillah (Book of Esther) and more! 
Check out this video of Avivah Zornberg On Megillat Esther
Get the text:
pdf part 1 / pdf part 2 / pdf part 3


Giving to the Needy Back is back!

One of the Mitzvot (commandments) of Purim is giving to the needy. As in prior years, TAA will give locally to help neighbors suffering hardship due to the pandemic.
Give online (earmark your gift for "TAA Gives Back") or send a check to the Temple Office. We are also raising money for Amirah, which helps survivors of sexual exploitation by providing refuge for those seeking to break free and to heal.   Support Amirah Here .