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Your least favorite part of your business is, well, the "business" part of your business.

The endless back and forth of to schedule calls with prospects and clients. Using three or four different systems to get signed and paid for your services. Sending out invoices and waiting (hoping) to get paid. Over and over and over, every single time with every client. The time you're spending on admin is consuming, and it's overwhelming. It's pulling the focus and time you need to give to your clients and the work that's actually making you money. Is this you?

You don't need to give admin tasks more of your time in order to get them done, you need to automate them so they take as little of your time as possible. is an all-in-one, end to end Client Relationship Management system (CRM) that allows you to:

  • Book your client consults with one click that let's them choose a time that works with your schedule. No going back and forth. Honeybook is synched to your google or ical calendar, so
  • Automates inquiry responses that move your prospects to the next step in your current process
  • Sends the contract and invoice together, one form that they can (legally sign) so you get booked quickly
  • Automates future invoices and payments, so you don't have to keep up with them. Honeybook sends both you and your client payment reminders - You'll always know when they've paid and when they haven't and so will they!

Honeybook can be customized with your brand and personalized to the way you work and talk to your clients. It's all YOU, just with much, much less use of your time.

What would take you weeks to set up and install, I can do in a couple of days:

Day O: Your Personal Workflow Overview. What is your current process, from inquiry through delivery and completion? This is your chance to fulfill a dream: What would you like to add? A questionnaire? A brochure featuring your add on services? This is also when we will get you logged into Honeybook for the first time and signed up for your account. If you sign up through my link, you'll save 50% off your first year.

Day One and Two: I customize your Honeybook account to reflect your process, your branding and your style. Emails, invoices, logos, colors...and your appointment schedule. All personalized.

Training Day. You and I sit down over video chat, and I train you to use your account, and answer all your questions.

60 day Support. If you still have questions, I'm there for you!

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"I opted for the 2 day HoneyBook set up and it was probably the best decision I've made for my tiny but mighty business. As a solo business owner, Elizabeth took the time to understand where I was and shared where I could make strategic improvements and automations to decrease my administrative time so I can focus on serving my clients. 

After the Honey Book integration, Liz handed me this platform so gracefully as she walked me through all the ways I would use the platform now and ways I could use the platform as my offers and business grow. Working with: Liz I spent no time trying to “figure it out” and minimal time learning due to the process was so incredibly smooth. "

– Cheryl Simmons, Cheerfully Cheryl Coaching

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  • Secure and easy digital payments straight into your bank account
  • Payment schedules and reminders
  • Auto-saved item bank
  • Save 50% off your first year with Honeybook by using my discount code

p.s. - If you download the mobile app, you'll hear a "Cha Ching!"every time you get paid!

  • Automation
  • Productivity on overdrive
  • Custom step-by-step workflows
  • Automate emails, tasks, and more
  • Save time and focus on the work you love

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Hi, I'm Elizabeth Coopersmith

I've been using Honeybook since the beginning, and it's I've saved and created me countless hours and money by simplifying and automating my client management process. I became a Honeybook educator to pass on my knowledge to other entrepreneurs, and to stay on top of the latest updates and features. I want every small business owner to be able to get paid quickly and get to work to doing what they love, just like I do!