April 2024

Spring Renewal Offerings for Peace and Wellness


April 28 via Zoom


7-8:30pm Bethlehem Time

Suggested $20 Donation


Zoom link emailed upon registration


Taran Collis 


[email protected]



Increase Your Wellbeing

w/ Itafa and Nawal Awad (Live from Israel)

Open your heart to the offering of wellness as Taran facilitates via zoom a fundraiser to support these amazing women. 100% proceeds will go towards the programs they offer in the West Bank and Israel. 

Program Includes:

  • Capacitar practices for wellbeing, the Way of Council with Itaf, Heart Math and Nada Acupuncture protocol for trauma w/ Nawal.
  • Community support to hear their experience of the war and how we can support their work.

In this experiential workshop participants will benefit from practicing the Way of Council and learn about the Nada Acupuncture Protocol for post trauma.

The Way of Council is a group communication tool that fosters relationships and encourages deep listening and the expression of one’s true self. Council allows us to see, develop and align connections with one another which supports our individual authenticity and empowers us to accomplish what we wish in the world.

The Nada Acupuncture Protocol is an ear protocol for use for healing from post trauma. It is taught around the world by Acupuncture Without Borders volunteer practitioners to communities in post trauma situations.

Learn useful tools for your daily life that you can share with your children, families and friends.

Itaf Awad is an international trainer and leader in the Way of Council and Capacitar, two modalities that enhance individual and collective well-being which originated in California. Itaf has a Masters degree in Political Science, and for the past 20 years has facilitated hundreds of councils for businesses, NGO’s, educators, and private groups in many places from the Middle East, Europe and the United States. Itaf is carrying the Way of Council and Capacitar to Arab communities,including translation of the book"Way Of Council" into the Arabic language.

Nawal Awad is a therapist in Chinese and Palestinian folk medicine, specializing in fertility with more than 22 years of experience. She runs a private clinic, works in Rambam Hospital, in the Cancer Department and is active in Acupuncture Without Borders. She practices healing the relationship between the soul and the body to relieve stress, improve well-being and freedom from physical and emotional trauma. She is a council facilitator and trainer on the path, working in partnership with Itaf Awad. For over 12 years, doing workshops for different age groups, students, and elders.

https://itafawad.com/    https://nawal-awad.com/

Come join our sweet zoom group Tue/Thu 9-10am PDT

This personalized class is great for all ages whether in a chair or using weights. Come lower your biological age with me, and learn wellness techniques to support your wellbeing.

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~ Namasté,