I am looking for 10 people to participate in

an interactive, online experience: 

Erotic Alignment. 

When it comes to sex and relationships...

Need some confidence?

Do you want to choose more ideal partners?

Interested in creating your dream relationship and sex life?

Interested in deepening and expanding

your connection

with yourself and your partner?

The honest truth is that we need to

know what it means to be in alignment with ourselves

in order to find an ideal partner and to be in deeper connection with others.

Being in Erotic Alignment means

knowing what our sexual values are and living them. 

What are your sexual values?

When it comes sexuality and relationships, deciding what is important and valuable

our attitudes, ideals, beliefs, standards, boundaries, practices.


Sexual: When it comes to sex and relationships 


  • the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.
  • .a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life.

Many have never thought about or explored

I have a fun easy way to start to explore this topic I want to share with you

What is Erotic Alignment?

Being in erotic alignment means knowing what our sexual values are and living them. 

I am looking for 10 people to participate in

an interactive, online* experience: 

Erotic Alignment Practice

This is for you if,

when it comes to sex and relationships 

  • You experience guilt and or shame
  • Want more confidence 
  • Looking for a partner 
  • Currently have a partner and want to get on the same page
  • Want to create meaningful and intimate connections 
  • Often experience lack of safety 
  • are intimate in exploring pleasure and eroticism 
  • You are in a new place in your life, big change or life transition 
  • Want to connect to your desire and passion 
  • Practice living with yourself in full self acceptance and celebration
  • Work with people that sexual and relationships come up and are not fully added (peer support, councilor, coach, therapist)
  • Want to include addressing sex and relationships in your programs and service offerings 

Relationship Patterns

Many of us go through life making unconscious decisions about sex and relationships. 

Living out of alignment with our values

makes us feel unsafe.

Oftentimes, we go around with this underlying

feeling of tension,

projecting our unconscious beliefs onto

others and situations in our life.

Leading us to repeat the same destructive,

disappointing patterns over and over again.

Want to get out of this loop?

Ready to start living from a feeling of safety,

confidence in your full expression and wholeness?

If you or someone you know are ready to start making healthy, conscious decisions in sex and relationships...

On Substance Use/Abstinence

When folx are in recovery* I believe it is important to include sxuality in their recovery process from the beginning.

In recovery* we get to find a new way to live. We redefine our values, what personal beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and feelings we have about everything, including sex. 

 The challenge is we have not had time or a safe space (without moralization and medicalization) to consciously consider and explore what these values are to us. 

What if I am not in recovery*? Is this still for me?

Yes I encourage anyone** seriously interested

in exploring their sexual values and

living in erotic alignment

to participate.  

** Anyone means that we do not discriminate ability, race, age,ethnicity, sex, gender identity, gender expression, lifestyle, socio-economic status.

* Recovery: can include abstinence, harm reduction, anyone focusing on creating a

non chaotic relationship with substances and behaviors

I am looking for 10 people to participate in

an interactive, online* experience: 

Erotic Alignment. 

We will start to explore 

what sexual values are

Where they come from

How to:

let go of what is causing us lack of safety

get out of the disappointing relationship pattern loops

Define values that are beneficial for yourself:

Erotic Alignment

start to practice being in erotic alignment

live from a space of Erotic Alignment

get support along your way

create connections with others/community

*option for some parts to be in person

Do you have to have a partner?

  • No you can be single 
  • Even if you have a partner, you start with the process for yourself before you can get to the we/relationship. 

Only $222

You get 

  • the workbook online
  • Connect and co create with others in the experience
  • 2 month container 
  • 4 live, 90min, group coaching/workshop calls
  • Recording available 

You will explore 

  • What sexual values are
  • Where they come From
  • Why they important
  • Understand what erotic alignment means to you.
  • Release what is no longer serving you 
  • Come present with what is in alignment for you today
  • Lean how to live in erotic alignment 

What to expect

Once you decide you are a YES to the

The Erotic Alignment Practice

Sign Up Using this link


Schedule a 15min Call to RSVP

  • Send donation* 

Venmo, zelle, paypal, cashapp, crypto

  • Schedule first one on one zoom call:Schedule Call 
  • Attend group coaching calls (dates tba)
  • Self study at home along the way
  • Halfway point: Schedule second one on one coaching session: Schedule Call
  • Attend group coaching calls
  • Self study along the way
  • Schedule Integration call: Schedule Call 
  • Complete survey 
  • Submit testimonial (optional) and tell a friend

What is the investment? 


Around 9 hours within the 8 weeks:

  • Ideally you would give yourself time to reflect and continue the workbook at least 30 min a week. 
  • There are 4, 90min zoom calls in the 2 months

Side Effects of Coaching

with Stacie Ysidro, Sex Life Stylist

"Before working with Stacie,  I could not get out of my head and stop thinking. Now I have less anxiety, I sleep better, I am more clear and focused and overall more satisfied" 


"I will never not be myself again!"


"I have finally connected to my sexuality in a healthy way, I feel whole 

Stacie takes complicated stuff and makes it simple. She is direct and shares from experience not just from theory. She gets to the root of the challenge and helps find a direct simple way to get through." 


"Since working with Stacie, our relationship has gotten

better than I ever imagined! We learned how to have

difficult conversations without arguing. We have a deeper connection,

more intimacy and have sex more. Stacie taught us how to set up a container to try new things, this has taken our pleasure to the next level!"


 "I can say without a doubt that I have never felt so complete in my life....

Your caring support means more to me than I know how to express..."