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March 22, 2021


Stacey and I want to share some exciting news with you regarding our new roles at Zoe’s Cruises and Tours!

As many of you know I formally opened Zoe’s Cruises and Tours in 1983 as a part-time “avocation”. At that time I was still fully engaged in my “real” professional life in Earth Sciences/Environmental Planning where I had been blessed with roles supervising commentary on projects proposed under CEQA, the California Environmental Quality Act, and in being asked to implement California’s Surface Mining and Reclamation Act when it passed in 1983. I had the privilege of working with incredible elected and appointed officials in two Administrations in these roles.

As a result of sharing a first cruise with my family in 1979 aboard Sitmar’s Fairsea, from which I unknowingly created a family “cruise addiction”, a new Chapter began that proved to be more successful than I had initially planned leaving me with a difficult personal decision!  In 1990 I left Earth Sciences and engaged full time with Zoe’s Cruises and Tours.  My full-time commitment to Zoe’s Cruises enabled exponential growth and it was an incredible opportunity, as well, to share much of the World with my family and with wonderful passengers.

In 2000 it was a privilege to create the McCrea Trust which has funded Animal Welfare Projects in the United States and in other Countries in the World each year for the past twenty-one years.   This has only been possible because of our incredible Team, the support of colleagues at Princess Cruises, and your loyalty and support of Zoe’s Cruises. This year, the largest Animal Health Center in the US was funded by the Trust and has been completed as part of the Sacramento SPCA’s Facilities.  It will be dedicated this summer.  It could not have happened without all of you – thank you!


Our business model was designed in 1983 based on the desire and comfort of personal interaction with our passengers and with our foremost goal being to provide all of you with unmatched expertise, service and an enriched cruise experience.   That model continues today and will continue in the future.

Stacey joined Zoe’s Cruises and Tours over thirteen years ago.  We both chuckle now, but she had responded to an ad that was placed in the “Career Connection” at California State University, Sacramento for a part-time position and the rest is history!   After graduating in 2008 from California State University/Sacramento with a BA in Ethnic Studies, Stacey became a full-time (and overtime!) Team Member at Zoe’s Cruises devoting her talent and energy to managing Group Logistics for the over twenty Escorted Departures each year. She expanded and improved that major component of Zoe’s Cruises and Tours success. She also has since had the pleasure of meeting so many of you as the Escort on an extensive array of Escorted Departures since 2009 – including being our Escort Team Member quarantined with about 300 of our passengers at Travis AFB in February/March 2020 as COVID began in earnest!!

Stacey and I began discussions over two years ago regarding her future ownership of Zoe’s Cruises and Tours. Our partnership, and trust in each other personally, enabled the transition to successfully be accomplished even with the challenges of COVID, which we did not anticipate when we began! The transition was completed January 1, 2021. Stacey is now the new Owner of Zoe’s Cruises and Tours. I am confident she will continue to improve and expand the existing business model’s goals of serving our passengers.

I look forward to continuing as a Team Member working with wonderful passengers, many of whom have become dear friends over the years, on their cruise adventures and also will continue as an Escort once we can all get back on the seas! I know Stacey looks forward to the “adventures” of ownership, which she is diligently addressing with commitment, experience, expertise and enthusiasm.

You truly are valued passengers whom I appreciate for trusting Zoe’s Cruises and Tours for almost four decades. Our current Team of fifteen very experienced Cruise Specialists, our Escorts, our new Group Logistics Manager, and our talented Graphic Designer remain the same.   Stacey and I anticipate new Cruise Specialists will also be joining Stacey’s Team once cruises resume as there are many who wish to be a part of Zoe’s Cruises and Tours in the future.

Thank you. All of us at Zoe’s Cruises and Tours look forward to working with you in the future!!!!


Zoe K. McCrea

Team Member at Zoe’s Cruises and Tours