We are so close to welcoming our first 9 neighbors HOME! Below are lists for 8 of those neighbors with items to help them get settled and make their house feel like a home. You can read a short informational about each neighbor and click on their house photo to see the wish list and purchase items. All items should be sent to:

6701 Cholla Road

Midland, TX

Simple House.png

FEMALE K loves to laugh and enjoys colorful flowers especially sunflowers. She loves to cook and listen to all types of music- we cannot wait to welcome her HOME!

Mirage 2.png

FEMALE R is incredibly creative! She loves coloring, puzzle books, reading and painting. We look forward to seeing this blossom in her own HOME!

Light Well.png

FEMALE P loves her dog, she enjoys taking him on walks. Her hobbies include reading books and watching TV. We are so happy to give her a comfortable place to do these things.

Light House.png

FEMALE T is compassionate and enjoys quilting and knitting. She hopes to continue her education and we are thrilled she will have a HOME for her passions.

Light House.png

MALE E loves all kinds of music, he is an incredible artist and He enjoys gardening and landscaping and we can't wait to see the plants he grows at his HOME!

Light Well 2.png

MALE DK is our social butterfly! He loves making friends and never meets a stranger. He loves collecting coins and we look forward to him having a place to call HOME.

Morada Verde 2.png

MALE DO is crafty and spends time making necklaces and bracelets. He loves learning about the solar system and art. We look forward to giving him a HOME to learn in.

Morada Verde.png

MALE T loves all things Western, all things from John Wayne to Louis L'Amour to Bluegrass music. We look forward to seeing his personality shine in his HOME.

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