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When someone joins the Stout Street Foundation family, they are committing to themselves, their family, and our community. They are committing to long-term change and the opportunity for stability.

As a monthly donor, you become a champion for that change and stability. You are a Champion for Recovery.

Your monthly donation helps SSF residents build a better future. Your sustaining gift allows SSF residents a safe place to recover and grow.

2020 Grads Cropped.jpg

Stout Street Foundation Class of 2020

Our largest class ever with 41 graduates!


$19 a month literally helps provide a safe and clean space for a Stout Street Resident to recover. Your contribution helps provide of basic necessities like hot water and furnishings in our residential building.

Donate $19 a Month


For $25 a month, you can help provide transportation to work, medical and dental appointments for a Stout Street Foundation Resident. Residents work 40 hours a week, providing them with the skills needed to transition back into our community, self-worth and daily purpose.

Donate $25 a Month



Residents at Stout Street Foundation have access to healthy, delicious and nutritious food every day. Your monthly contribution of $45 ensures we maximize our food service partnerships and provide three meals a day to every resident.

Donate $45 a Month

For as little as $5 a month, you can Help People Help Themselves in recovery.

Please join us today!

Your monthly gift provides Stout Street Residents like Roberto the opportunity to rebuild their lives,

through stability, employment, and support.

SSF graduate Roberto sharing the story of his journey to recovery

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