Bird painting

This is a comprehensive and detailed step-by-step lesson for the painting

AND the resin art portion!

You do not need to watch live, you can view the replay as many times as needed day or night.

See the optional art kit below- this class is FREE with the purchase of a kit.

Included in this class:

  1. Printable PDF tracer
  2. Step-by-step video instruction for the painting and for the glass & resin (some of you will choose to stop after the painting & forgo glass & resin altogether)
  3. Information on:

Resin supplies

Proper resin safety

Mixing and pouring resin to get the best results

Tips for removing bubbles

Tips for a good solid cure

Information on glass sources and glass placement


Access to the video on Facebook for 2 months and on YouTube indefinitely. It will be housed permanently on YouTube with a private non-shareable link.

Art kits

If you'd like to order the glass art kit, I'm happy to offer that option!

Glass Art Kit with class included FREE - $38

What's included in the kit:

  • 6" x 6" stretched canvas on a sturdy 1.5" frame
  • ArtResin™️ resin/hardener to complete this project
  • Paint packets to complete the project
  • Student paintbrushes (2) - these are a courtesy but you will likely want to use your own
  • Crushed glass as shown in photo
  • Disposable gloves
  • Two 1 oz plastic cups
  • Stir stick
  • Toothpick

You will also need the following: (*Amazon affiliate links in blue below):

  • A block, jar, or something you can elevate your art on overnight to cure
  • A box lid or something to cover your art while curing (clear shoeboxes work great)
  • Butane torch (kitchen style like this one) OR a heat gun (like this one) to remove bubbles (not imperative, but very helpful)
  • Tablecover (plastic trashbag or disposable tablecloth works great)
  • A level (your smartphone may have one and there are apps you can download)
  • Paper towels
  • cup of water to clean paintbrushes
  • Clock for your resin mixing time
  • Pet-free and child-free location with a level surface to set your art to cure for 24 hours. (You don't want anything to come in contact with it during this time)
  • Keep art kit supplies away from kids and pets.
  • There will be tiny pieces of glass particles and should only be handled and cleaned up by adults. Always wear gloves when handling glass and resin.
  • When you purchase a glass art kit, you are releasing myself, Deb Brown, and Art & Grace from liability if an injury occurs from handling or using the contents of this kit.
  • Returns are not allowed unless damaged in transit and proof is required to make a claim with the post office.

*I use ArtResin™ brand.

Before purchasing this kit, please read about ArtResin™ safety, usage instructions, and best practices on their website here. Read their SDS sheet here.

Ships in the US to street addresses only- no PO Boxes.

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