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Snowflake has made a huge splash in the cloud computing- based data warehousing industry, and the benefits of the solution have not gone unnoticed by IT professionals in government. Snowflake has been integral in collecting information on Covid-19 vaccination statuses across the State of California. It also supported California’s Homeless Data Integration System, in turn providing a comprehensive look at the effectiveness of the State’s strategy to combat homelessness. Snowflake, at its core, is a SaaS data warehouse that can process massive quantities of data; however, this isn’t what makes the solution unique.

  • Snowflake is known for its scalability (In short, IT resources can be increased and decreased to meet changing demands) meaning that you can process more data faster. Storage and computing layers can be scaled up or down independently, and on-demand.
  • Snowflake allows you to share data with third parties without creating a copy of that data (which ultimately muddles the integrity of your data and takes up unnecessary storage space)
  • Snowflake can combine structured and semi-structured data for analysis without having to convert the data into a congruent relational schema
  • Snowflake’s cost is calculated on a per-second basis unlike most of its competitors
  • Snowflake requires little to no maintenance, and full-time administrators are not necessary (automatic clustering, built-in performance optimization, and materialized view maintenance are built into the platform)
  • Snowflake is simple to install and use. It also integrates with most components of the data ecosystem, so there isn’t mass upheaval of previously purchased technology.
  • Snowflake uses a Powerful SQL based query engine (which saves costs)
  • Snowflake provides support for a multitude of programming languages (Go, Java, .NET, Python, C, Node.js, etc.)
  • In terms of Return on Investment (ROI), Snowflake consistently ranks higher when compared to competitor’s solutions.

We can only fathom the possibilities with Snowflake as a tool in the public sector. For more information on Snowflake, reach out to our team at [email protected]