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Pro Brew Supply and Southern Roots brewing Co. have teamed up to brew an amazing dry Hopped Saison, Expanding Possibilities. It is our hope with this beer, to create a platform to make learning about the brewery and brewing process to a wider range of folks who might not have had the the opportunity to learn about the process.


Brewing Beer is a creative craft. As creatives, we know the feelings of curiosity, of dreaming up something new, of learning a new craft. We also know, this is a universal feeling, to all people, and all walks of life. We want to expand our connections and craft to anyone, but with this beer specifically, we would like to spotlight persons who maybe have been kept from the craft of beer, because of a visual impairment. It is our hope to brew this beer, explain the process, and open a new world of thought! In exchange, we look forward to collaborating with new people, and creating sensory experiences around the brew house, that teaches everyone new words, and new thoughts to create the next thing.

we are honored to give a portion of the proceeds of the sale of this beer to the American Foundation For the Blind.


Pro Brew Supply, a professional brewing supply company, supplied the Briess and IREKS malt, and Lallemand Yeast, as well as a curious a fun loving human for brew day. Southern Roots Brewing Co. was kind enough to open their doors and provide the space, people and know how to everyone.

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This Beer was brewed at Southern Roots Brewing Co. and will be available in a limited run can release complete with a raised brail label, as a nod to the American Foundation For the Blind. It will also be available, in limited quantities, on draft at the Craft Brewers Conference 2024 in Las Vegas Nevada, April 21 - 24.

Southern Roots Brewery, Illuminated Sign outside their brewery at dark


Yea! We are open to it! you like our idea? our cause? We would love to work with you to make this beer, and you too can serve it, and give a little celebratory donation to the American Foundation for the Blind, with us.

Contact us, and lets get brewing, Together!

Pouring Briess Malt for Brew day