On Monday, May 22nd, Keith Bachman—a Senior Research Analyst covering software and IT services for BMO Capital Markets—joined ‘The Exchange’ on CNBC to discuss up and comers in the A.I. space.

Keith broke AI into two segments: Big Picture A.I and Generative A.I

The Generative A.I category consists of ChatGPT and other systems that use A.I. to generate content. Keith suggests that Dynatrace is a leader in the broader, "Big Picture" category of A.I.

Keith noted Dynatrace’s tremendous scalability and their well-developed practices around A.I. to be the main reasons why he considers them to be a leader in the A.I. space

The Dynatrace platform allows for complete observability into a department’s network and application performance by using automation and artificial intelligence (coined ‘AIOps’). Dynatrace automatically identifies issues on your network, determines which of these issues are the most pressing, organizes the issues by priority, and helps solve/remediate these issues.

Keith sees Dynatrace as an up and comer in the A.I. space because they haven’t simply jumped into the A.I. fad. Rather, Dynatrace built a fully fleshed out platform on well-developed practices that harness the power of A.I.