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Retiring Director Roberta DiPietro Celebrates Nearly 40 Years of Leadership 


South Florida marketing pro and entrepreneur Amanda MacMaster has been named the Executive Director of GMFEA – The Greater Miami Festivals & Events Association. As the cofounder of MasterWing Creative Agency, winner of the 2021 Delray Beach Business of the Year, Amanda is active in the local events industry and has been a GMFEA board member and volunteer since 2012. 

With over a decade of professional experience in local event and festival management, Amanda MacMaster is excited for this new opportunity and challenge: 

The Greater Miami Festival and Events Association enriches the lives of South Florida residents and visitors, and provides support, education and resources for our local event planners. GMFEA is a huge asset for the local economy through tourism and festival spending.

I’m grateful for Robertas leadership and the dedication of our GMFEA Board of Directors, which sets the stage for me to help GMFEA grow to the next level. My vision as Executive Director includes:

  • Developing a strategic plan to grow membership
  • Creating new educational programs and networking opportunities 
  • Building a new website 
  • Expanding our conference to reach more event planners and vendors 

We have big goals for GMFEA and Im looking forward to the challenge! As a mom, business owner and volunteer, Im thankful for the support of our amazing board and volunteers.” 

Amanda will be consulting the GMFEA board while remaining full time with MasterWing Creative Agency and her amazing clients. 

Amanda expressed gratitude and admiration for her predecessor, Roberta DiPietro. Roberta has been active in GMFEA since its founding in 1985 and Executive Director soon after. A 2nd generation Miami native and very active in the arts and community, Roberta was Executive Director and President of the Jr. Orange Bowl Festival Committee and Executive Director of the Dade Heritage Trust. She is currently President of DiPietro & Associates, founded in May 1991. 

Amanda continued, 

GMFEA is an organization that I have been a part of throughout my career in the events industry. As the Executive Director, I rely on our committed board to take the organization to the next level. My experience in grant writing, membership development, marketing, team building and event management are key to my success in this position. My past experience with the Greater Miami Festivals and Events Association makes me uniquely qualified for this position and an easy transition.”

About Amanda MacMaster

Amanda has been active in the South Florida events and festival scene since her arrival from Boston over 15 years ago. Her previous GMFEA board roles include President, Vice-President and Treasurer and she is active in several local community organizations. In addition to Delray Beach Business of the Year, Amanda was awarded the Florida Festivals and Events Association Instagram and Facebook Award for her work with Arts Garage. Her marketing and PR skills include grant writing, programming and event management, digital media buying, web design, copywriting and social media campaigns. Prior to opening MasterWing Creative Agency, Amanda was CEO of MacManda Media, Marketing Director of Arts Garage and Director of Marketing and Festival Management for the Miami Design Preservation League. 


Established in 1985, the Greater Miami Festivals & Events Association (GMFEA) is a 501c(3) organization that provides year-round promotion of festivals and events and supports the professional development of South Florida event planners. GMFEA promotes the year-round schedule of special events to locals and visitors. GMFEA’s members include South Florida’s major festivals and special events groups, public agencies and institutions, and area businesses, with a total annual attendance at their events in excess of 3.5 million participants. GMFEA efforts result in the production of excellent public celebrations that reflect, express and champion the broad cultural diversity of our area. 


Greater Miami Festivals & Events Association


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With the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, the Tourist Development Council, the Cultural Affairs Council, the Mayor and the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners.

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