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One of the byproducts of being a member-owned club is that our players feel invested in the club and its well-being. All of us want to see the club survive and thrive into the future, and our current business model has us positioned to do that in a slow-building way. We have not asked the membership for donations in the past, but we have had members come forward from time to time with ideas they'd like to see and funding they are willing to donate to turn these ideas into reality. If the idea matches the direction of the club and Board's vision (and fits in the context of the new Master Plan), we find a way to move forward.

A great example of this is the solar array on the 29th Street roof of courts 4-6. The array and cost of installation was generously donated by Doug Gordon, a long-time member of the club who has an interest in promoting more solar power within the community. This has been a great addition to the club--not only does it position us (visibly) as a good community environmental steward, but it also saves us a significant chunk of money on our power bill each month!


Another example will be visible soon--a member thought that it would be a good idea to update our entrance sign--we've had a sign designed that will be more modern, visible, and attractive, while tying in with the club's past (wood elements) and future (more modern look, new font). Again, the cost of the production and installation of this sign was funded by the interested member, who we'll name when the sign is unveiled.

A great legacy has been created with the JimSam College Scholarship Fund. This was initiated by an anonymous member who wanted to reward players of high character and academic achievement who had journeyed through Timberhill's instructional programs. It awards $2000/year in one-time awards to graduating high school seniors, and to date we have had 14 recipients! We have had other members donate money into this fund in the past, so it bears repeating that we welcome all donations to help perpetuate this great program. Any donation amount is welcomed, and donations that are $1000 or greater are tax-deductible. Contact Hunter if you are interested in donating to the JimSam College Scholarship Fund or want more information.


An opportunity exists right now with the RecycleBalls program that the club uses. This takes balls in pre-paid shipping containers and sends them to a facility where the felt is separated from the rubber and the rubber is re-used as multi-use pellets for playgrounds, new court surface, etc. It's a great program, but they have changed their model from an optional sponsorship to a mandatory annual sponsorship of $600 to offset shipping costs. This is a great way to keep balls out of the landfill and to promote a company who is trying to make tennis a greener sport. For the record, we are still repurposing all of the balls that come through these green bins, but it is time-consuming and doesn't help the greater purpose of creating a supply of this reusable rubber material to complete the cycle of the tennis balls. Let me know if anyone (or any group of people) want to underwrite a year of this program and we'll do it!


Are there any projects you'd like to fund? Let me know--you can do a small project like RecycleBalls sponsorship, a larger project like our entrance sign, or you can donate money earmarked for a project within our Master Plan (the next thing on deck looks to be insulation of our indoor court buildings and heating/ventilation). We can also discuss including Timberhill Tennis Club into your estate planning, if that is something you'd be interested in doing. Click below to get the discussion started!