TSAHP 45th Annual TSAHP Conference

“Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awareness for Today’s Health Professionals”

September 21 - 22, 2023

Hosted by Gunn College of Health Sciences and Human Services Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas

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TSAHP President's Address

President's Address

Lynette Watts, PhD

Gunn College of Health Sciences and Human Services

Midwestern State University

3410 Taft Boulevard

Wichita Falls, Texas 76308

Email: [email protected]

Faculty Poster Presentations

All of Us: Research Opportunity Platform for Graduate and Undergraduate Health Professionals"

Bassent Abdelbary MD, PhD,

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"Elevating Care in Texas: Do Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants Enhance Nursing Home Quality?"

N. Dayama, M. House, R. Greenhill, S. Hunt & D. Flores (TTUHSC)

Video Presentation | Poster

"Factors Related to Incidents of Low Back Pain in Health Care Professionals: A Review of the Literature"

M. Olson (MWSU)

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"The Impact of In-House Clinical Laboratory Testing vs. Esoteric Testing within Correctional Facilities"

Justin W. Redman, Ph.D., MBA, MLS(ASCP)DLMCM & Edith Macias, MLS(ASCP)CM

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"What Sets Texas Nursing Homes Apart in the COVID-19 Struggle? Dissecting Mortality and Its Influencers"

N. Dayama, M. House, R. Greenhill, S. Hunt & D. Flores (TTUHSC)

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"Building An Interprofessional Practice Experience to Provide Care to the Unsheltered and Uninsured Population at Grace Clinic"

J. Enderle, L. Farroni, L. Pryor, K. Murphy, S. Wolf, B. Moore, A. Looper, K. Heflin, G. Jackson, J. Pavia, H. Pepermantwali, M. Diaz, M. Wilkerson, H. von Marensdorff, M. Gienger & M. Farr

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"Supporting Those who Support Us: An Exploration of Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Educators' Perceived Benefits, Competence, Concerns, and Needs"

Mani, K.; Collins, D.M.; Ghulmi, L.; Boyd, A.E.; Zaricor, A.C.

Video Presentation

"Dim Stars in the Lone Star State: What's Weighing Down on These Texas Nursing Homes?"

Neeraj Dayama, PhD, Morgan House, PhD, LNHA, Richard Greenhill, DHA, FACHE, Merritt Brockman DHA, ACHE, Moumita Choudhury, AuD, CCC-A,1 Ganisher Davlyatov, PhD2, Sharon Hunt, PhD.

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"Pragmatic Humanism in the Health Professions: A Guiding Framework for DEI in Clinical Practice"

T. Kroll, C. Townsend, A. Honnacker, C. Tiongco & T. Brooks

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"Negotiating American Racial Constructs: First-generation African Caribbean Immigrants' Experience with Race in America"

Rommel Johnson, Ph.D., LPC, CRC, NCC

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

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Student Poster Presentations

"Acute and Chronic Salivary Hormone Concentration Responses to Anaerobic Bike Interval Training with or without Blood Flow Restriction in Young Overweight and Obese Males"

A. Lopez, M. Zamora, M. Arriaga, S. Chew & M. Karabulut (UTRGV)

Video Presentation | Poster

"Electrosprayed Minocycline-loaded PLGA Microparticles with PEG for the Treatment of Glioblastoma"

Alma Rodriguez¹, Juan Amieva¹, Marco A. Arriaga¹, Jaqueline Quintanilla¹, Julio Ledezma¹, Silverio Lopez², Karen S. Martirosyan², Sue Anne Chew Ph.D.¹

Video Presentation | Poster

"The relationship between self-reported anxiety and cognition in individuals with mild traumatic brain injury"

Grace Holliday, BS, Rocio S. Norman, PhD, CCC-SLP

Video Presentation | Poster

"A Resonating Need: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Clinicians Bring Beneficial Attributes to Healthcare"

Amanda Hohlt, BSRC Senior; Tammy Kurszewski, DHSc, RRT-ACCS

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"An Investigation of Porous PCL Scaffolds and Osteogenic and Angiogenic Inducing miRNAs for Bone Tissue Engineering."

Lauren C. Serra, Shainah D. Vidal, Dean Michael Enriquez, Eloy G. Lozoya, Marco A. Arriaga, and Sue Anne Chew Ph.D.

Video Presentation | Poster

"The Relationship between Sociocultural Factors and

Gender-specific Movement Patterns during Low and

High-intensity Movement Tasks in Cis-gender Women"

Vaishnavi Chiddarwar, Katherine Wilford, Troy Hooper, Toby Brooks, C Roger James, Phil Sizer

Video Presentation | Poster

"Role of Women in Cytogenetics"

Anjali Vinocha, Michael Khoa Le (UTMDA)

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