"My 30+ years of experience guides you and facilitates healing yourself through communication crafted for repetition and change, reducing pain and enabling you to relax"

Home Therapy Audio (HTA)

Izabela Adamus

Thank you for requesting more information about Wholistic Therapeutic's Home Therapy Audio (HTA)

For the past several months I have been writing you about offering a new digital product that would help you speed up your healing process and enable you to achieve a more pain-free lifestyle.

Our first digital product is scheduled to be available on April 25, 2023 - Home Therapy Audio (HTA). It is a repetitive learning program for home therapy using the discipline of quiet mind listening - 45 hours of repetitive messaging. It's development envelopes loving presence, deep body release, diaphragmatic breathing, inner wisdom, openness and more.

The discipline of quiet mind listening is transformational for better managing your chronic pain, pain that likely took years, sometimes even decades, to develop. Accepting that our inner healing capacity is buried underneath a layer of resistance, we simply need to re-connect with that capability to produce results. This can help us to find a new way of being.

To be much more than educational, and be truly TRANSFORMATIONAL, our suggested use of our Home Therapy Audio (HTA) is to listen to it for 1/2 hour per day, every day, for about 3 months. It takes some discipline, but it is no different than listening to 4 or 5 audio books in that same period of time.

In supporting yourself and Wholistic Therapeutics we are offering a valuable way to better manage your chronic pain at home. I personally appreciate your trust in me and Home Therapy Audio (HTA). Appointments to enroll in Wholistic Therapeutic's Home Therapy Audio program are available starting April 25, 2023.

The onetime $175 enrollment fee includes your own client landing page (CLP) accessible on demand, and quarterly HTA content and technology updates, aimed at helping you succeed in having Home Therapy Audio (HTA) reduce your chronic pain and relax.

HTA Value Points implementation schedule:

  • INDIVIDUALIZED CLIENT LANDING PAGE (CLP) - Set up withing 24 to 48 hours of HTA enrollment
  • WHOLISTIC THERAPEUTIC'S QUARTERLY HTA CONTENT AND TECHNOLOGY UPDATES - Scheduled in 2023 for June 15, September 15 and December 15, and the 15th of the 3rd month of each quarter in 2024.
  • There are no additional fees associated with your investment of $175 in the HTA program. The intention of Wholistic Therapeutics is to have the HTA grow in personal value to you as a healing resource over time.

The most important value derived from enrolling in HTA is to better manage your chronic pain at home.

We are here to serve you and help you to meet your goals and intentions.

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]

In love and health,

Izabela Adamus, PT

Alternatively, for more info or to enroll in HTA you can go to https://www.whl-t.com and click on SCHEDULER