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Small Group Enrichment on Facebook Groups

About the Small Group Enrichment

Please take a little time each week/day to join our reflection and conversation. We'd love to hear your thoughts and inspirations as well as encourage you through the challenging times. Here is where we can learn, grow, and celebrate each other's breakthroughs.

About the Small Group Enrichment UNITS

The purpose of the units in this Small Group Enrichment is to create an environment to dig a little deeper in thought and conversation. Each week ideas will be presented with new questions to ponder. This is not to push any one viewpoint but to expand the limits of our hearts and minds. 

It is a journey to become a truly loving individual and family. The way to internal peace does not steer itself. We need to be proactive and involved with daily effort to forge this uncharted territory. 

May this Small Group Enrichment empower small groups as well as encourage individuals to reflect, change, and grow in a maturity of heart, mind, and spirit.

If you belong to a local small group, your group can use the Small Group Enrichment Units for the discussion topics for the week. Each unit comes with a number of Flipbooks that each contain an A, B, and C topic. Each topic has three discussion questions.

Your small group may use a complete flipbook each week/month or use the A, B, and C topics for the week’s discussion. You can start the conversation within the group and then continue it throughout the week online in the Small Group Enrichment. You can invite guests to the online enrichment if they aren’t able to attend your meeting in person.

Small groups may utilize the “Rooms” to create an online Zoom type meeting for up to 8 people. Small Groups may also utilize the “Events” to plan and invite others to a gathering using the convenience of Facebook messaging.

If you don’t belong to a local group you are welcome to explore at will. You are able to mark your unit topics “Done” if you’d like. Also, if you'd like to mentor or be mentored based on the Small Group Enrichment Units, you can see if others are interested.

Finally, new content will be added weekly so check back often. You can set your notifications as you like with options based on how often and types of posts..etc..