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At Acuity Technical Solutions, we have the PDF Remediation Solution you need. Our Onix/Equidox solution is the affordable and efficient way to fix your PDF problems. It is no surprise then that several State departments have taken advantage of these PDF Remediation Solutions.


Lighten Your Workload

Your organization can now outsource the cumbersome task of converting inaccessible PDFs to our team of experts, saving time and money while improving workflow and employee productivity.


Consider these rough cost per page estimates as a starting idea of what these services might cost:

Low-Complexity=$5 per page

Mid-Complexity=$6 per page

High-Complexity=$7 per page

Fillable forms=$10 per page


The good news is that your actual costs per page could be much lower depending on the volume of pages you need. The higher the volume of pages, the better your price per page will be!


The news only gets better because these PDF Remediation Solutions are available on our CMAS and through a Small Business Option quote!


Want to know more? You can simply call your Acuity account manager and we will schedule a free consultation with our PDF Remediation Solution expert.