[CAPTION] ALL DRESSED UP FOR THE GRAND FINALE IN THE 1948 TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS – This is a general view of the Memorial Auditorium at last night’s championship round as it looked to early comers in the 1948 Lowell Sum Charities’ Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions. Clearly shown in this picture is the banner which runs from one end of the balcony to the other announcing the event which has drawn fans and fighters from all sections of New England. In the center of the photo is the ring, regarded by many of the experts as the finest to be found in the east.

“When I fought there I was just another fighter … I guess I owe all that followed to that place."

— Rocky Marciano

Lowell Sun, August 20, 2010

From the Lowell Sun, August 19, 2010, "Coming-out party at the Auditorium" -

"The championships in Lowell were extravagant affairs with preliminaries having begun on December 30th and due to reach their conclusion on February 9th, 1948. The main aim of this competition was to find the eight boxers who would represent Massachusetts in the New England finals later that same month."

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In February 1948, Lowell hosted the second Lowell Sun Charities New England Golden Gloves Championships. The winner in each weight class would go on to represent New England in the National Golden Gloves Championship in New York City. This was a path, but far from a guarantee, to turning pro.

A few clippings and photos from the Lowell Sun's coverage of this tournament are presented here. It appears that, at first, Rocco Marchegiano (later undefeated heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano) did not have a great impact on the writers or the crowd. Even his name was misspelled reflecting the Italian pronunciation "Markegiano".

With or without the future undefeated heavyweight champion of the world, there was quite a show inside and outside the ring. The crowd it was living in the moment and enjoying the spectacle.

[CAPTION] FEMME FIGHT EXPERTS JUST LOVE THOSE GOLDEN GLOVES – You can’t keep those gals home from the bouts these Monday nights, and it wouldn’t be the same without them. Witness the expressions on these fans, pictured while the fights were in progress at Memorial Auditorium last night. The camera reveals, left to right: Ida Speechley whispers a comment on her favorite to Gertude Senecal in the front row ringside seats; nothing could turn the attention of Mr. And Mrs. Philip McGowan from what was going on in the ring; registering varying degrees of emotion during a title bout, Doris Newton, Alice Grimolizzi (partially hidden), Priscilla Brennen, Eleanor Ashe, and Norma Laurie; Elias J. McQuade with daughter, Martha, and Mrs. McQuade shares his boxing enthusiasm with the family. (Lowell Sun, February, 10, 1948)

[CAPTION] THOSE WOMEN ARE REALLY INTERESTED IN BOXING! – Just because they’re witnessing a comparatively novel program on their calendar, doesn’t mean that ladies don’t follow every action of the occupants of the ring. Pictured at last night’s Golden Gloves at Memorial Auditorium, left to right, Allan Small shows Mary Casey how to follow the fight program; Mrs. Stanley Sadkowski applauds the decisions of the judges, as Mary Haggerty beams her approval; Dr. and Mrs. Leo F. King watch the contestants intently; Bonnie Burke jumps up and down in glee as the contestants go into battle. (Lowell Sun, February 10, 1948)

Lowell Sun, February 19, 1948

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"Something Out of a Story Book"

"Marciano's Reunion With Old Friend Jack Kenney of The Sun Was Something Out of a Story Book Yesterday at Meadowcrest"

[The Isolation Hospital's name was changed to Meadowcrest Hospital in 1952.]

Lowell Sun, February 24, 1954

Lowell Sun, February 25, 1954