Beyond Sexual Trauma: Awareness, Intervention and Recovery

Workshop: Sexual Trauma

Time: 9:30 am- 4:30 pm

*5 Continuing education credits (CEs)

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I am passionate and honoured to provide “Beyond Sexual Trauma: Awareness, Intervention and Recovery,” a workshop that aims to train survivors, workers, parents, and individuals in a leadership positions to become an ally by learning skills to support survivors of sexual trauma. 


I recently facilitated this sexual trauma workshop at SERDC in the Winnipeg office, Pinaymootang, Poplar River and at Jordan's Principle on-reserve gathering in March. 


I would like to offer similar training to your communities, and together we can begin to heal and change the internal and external narratives that oppress sexual trauma survivors. Most perpetrators of sexual abuse are also survivors of sexual trauma; therefore, bringing sexual trauma awareness to our communities is the way to stop the cycle of abuse.

Who is this training for?

The workshop is for everyone, including parents, so they can learn to support and become an ally for their children/teenagers who are survivors of sexual abuse. 

The workshop is for you : 

  • If you work with survivors of sexual abuse 
  • If you are a survivor 
  • If you have a family member who is a survivor of sexual abuse

Workshop Trainer:

Susan Wenzel is an author, psychotherapist and certified sex- therapist. She is also a suicide and trauma intervention trainer with years of experience working with individuals and families regarding their relationships, personal growth, mental health, sexuality, and trauma. She is an AASECT Provider of continuing education credits. Her work has been featured in O (The Oprah Magazine), The New York Post, The New York Times, Men's Health, The Daily Telegraph (UK), Business Insider, Katie Couric Media, and various TV podcasts and radio shows.

The workshop presentation consists of the following:

  • Understanding sexual trauma.
  • Psychophysiology and neuroscience of the traumatized brain.
  • Victim vs survival mentality- how to create and support change with a strength based-perspective.
  • How mentors and workers can assist those suffering from sexual trauma.
  • Impact on relationships, addictions, residential schools, sixies scoop, etc.
  • Lack of resources on reserves and where to get the support.
  • Transforming sexual fear and phobia.
  • Holistic intervention and recovery from sexual trauma and other innovative techniques to mobilize clients.

The workshop focuses on learning practical skills to hold space and become an ally for survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. The participants will receive certificates for attendance.

Cost: Full-Day Event $3,600

Number of Participants: Unlimited

*Please note that the fee is for a group, not an individual registration. If your agency or support group would like to receive this one-day training, we can choose a mutual date at your convenient location.

For more information on the workshop, fees and resources, kindly reach out to us at:

Email: [email protected]


Phone: 204-770-5381