Established 8/22/2021

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This morning show is just a snippet of the work they have been doing together over the last five years.

This widow & widower joined forces back in 2012 and began their marketplace ministry in 2016 after processing their grief and walking the talk they taught to build the Relationship Service Station.

After 5 years of serving private clients Fulton & Cortne’ Lee Smith are opening the Grief Garage that will allow access to the entire nation to grief tools to process and progress beyond their losses. 

The Grief Garage is coming to everyone in two media formats: an AMAZON channel with six new shows reflecting the many facets of grief + a FREE digital magazine connecting with the voices of eight writers that will provide tools & techniques to thrive through loss.

During the last half of 2021, they will be showing up to facilitate healthy grief conversations within the community of 17 cities to BRUNCH BEYOND LOSS to impact positive progress on the grief journey for at least 7,000 households.



Interested in Being On The Show

A 20-minute interview which you will provide

4-5 applicable steps to move beyond loss.

The steps can promote a book, program, or services of the interviewee.

Broadcast on Wednesday

5:30 AM - 6 AM on

Praise Radio 100.9

Promo clips & Flyer Advertising Interview/Message beginning Friday before the assigned show

*** All shows are pre-recorded ***

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Sponsor Opportunities


Audio + Visual advertisement to be utilized for the month(s) of sponsorship.

  • 30 -sec promo for the month during LIVE/Replay episodes
  • 15- sec audio promo included as show advertisement
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"Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you.

Doesn't mean you can, should, or need to do it alone."

– Lisa Olivera