ISDTC Hosts Treasure Coast Interfaith Breaking Bread Platter

Join us Sunday, June 19th at 10:30 am at Spark of Divine, 1789 Old Dixie Hwy, Vero Beach, FL


 ISDTC is hosting the Treasure Coast Interfaith Breaking Bread Platter for Father’s Day! The Platter will be full of goodies for fellowship during Affirmation of Spirit.

Join us Sunday, June 19th at 10:30 am for this special service.

What is the Treasure Coast Interfaith Community (TCIC) Breaking Bread Platter?

This beautiful platter was conceived by Rabbi Michael Birnholz and made by the Indian River Clay artists in partnership with the inter-faith community. It was made to be passed from one spiritual community to the next, to be used with the bread or food usually shared within a group. The purpose is to raise awareness of interfaith relationships and the common values we share. These values are depicted in the squares of clay around the rim of the platter.

Indian River Clay

Indian River Clay artists used symbols of peace, love, community, compassion, harmony, kindness, joy, happiness for the platter de-sign. Indian River Clay has a mission to enlighten and enrich our community through our Outreach Programs. They partner with other organizations and non-profits in our area to of-fer art opportunities to children, seniors, and veterans.

The TCIC Breaking Bread Platter is scheduled monthly and goes from one faith community to another. Each faith organization bakes their own bread, cakes and other delights to "break bread," serve at one of their services and hold a discussion about interfaith, community and spread the light of values. caring, compassion, love, peace and loving kindness in our area.

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