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While we do depend on the Fundraising Requirement of $400 per child as part of our main operating budget, we do strive to alleviate the financial burden of this requirement as much as possible by offering many opportunities to fundraise. Below are a few of our current and ongoing fundraisers, as well as a preview of ones to come.


Our first golf tournament will be Saturday, April 13th starting at 9am at Whitney Oaks Golf Course.

View the event website/register to golf here:

HUGE thank you yo RCP Parent Troy Spivey and his business, The Charity Golf Guys, for helping us get this event up and running - but now we need YOUR help! We will need all hands on deck to help make this event GREAT!

Please CLICK HERE to see Sponsorship opportunities and let us know if you know anyone who may want to sponsor at any of these levels - or if you're interested in reaching out to businesses to ask!

Other areas we will need help with:

  • getting golfers! SHARE our event with everyone you know!
  • raffle/auction prizes
  • tournament day volunteers
  • sponsorships
  • and more!

*NEW!* Pledge Drive!

Crowdfunding is one of the most effective (and simple) ways to raise a lot of money in a short amount of time (and with very little effort). While we typically prefer our fundraisers to have something to offer our supporters (mandarins, See's Candy, etc.), we wanted to give crowdfunding a try to gain more support from families, friends, supporters locally and worldwide who otherwise may not be able to participate in our fundraising efforts.

From a series of quotes we were given last year, we have about $90,000 worth of maintenance needs, big and small, that we simply cannot perform with our current budget so additional fundraising is a MUST for our school.

In order for your child to get credit, the pledge has to be made under their individual link. To find that link, first visit the general link HERE then in the "Search for Participant" bar type your child's first name and click on their name when it pops up under the bar. Once you click on their name it should redirect you to their individual page which is the link you can share with family and friends so they don't have to go through the search process. The individual link should look something like this with your child's name at the end:

50% of donations made under your child's link will count towards their fundraising requirement. Donations made to the general link rather than individual ones will not count towards fundraising requirements.

Ukulele lesson - February 10th @ 2PM @ The Strum Shop in Roseville

Join us for the unique fundraising opportunity with former RCP parent, now music and voice instructor, Dana Michaeloff as she teaches the basics of playing the ukulele!


Playing ukulele is just good old fashioned fun, and there’s not enough of that in the world these days. If you’re looking for a low-pressure, inexpensive, healthy and fast way to unwind, then the ukulele is for you. You could learn how to play your favorite songs or try writing your own music after spending a short amount of time memorizing chords and getting acquainted with the instrument.


And a ukulele will take up barely and physical or intellectual space in your life, so they’re perfect for folks embracing a minimalist lifestyle. Research shows that people of every age and background greatly benefit from having fun, stress-free activities in their lives, and the uke can provide countless hours of enjoyment whether you’re a serious musician or complete novice. Convinced yet? We hope you'll join us! REGISTER HERE

More information about learning the ukulele...

Valentine's SEE'S CANDY! - Orders due 2/26

Be on the lookout in the next day or so for an email with the link specific to your child's See's Candy campaign. This will be the link you can share with friends and family to ensure your child gets credit for their orders.

We will have paper orders available at the school as well as online ordering for direct-shipping options.

20-50% of sales go towards your fundraising requirement.

Jamba Juice BOGO Cards

Each card is good for 6 Buy One-Get One Free deals.

$15 per card - $4 from each purchase goes towards your fundraising.



RaiseRight Gift Cards

Turn your everyday shopping into fundraising! Purchase gift cards to all of your usual shopping spots (gas stations, grocery stores, coffee shops. big box stores, mall retailers and SO much more!) and a percentage of your purchase goes towards your fundraising requirement.

RCP Enrollment Code:




Some of our families have organized their own fundraisers and would love the support of other family and friends within the community.

We appreciate your support so much!

Thank you for continuing to support this special place for children where we can truly



HUGE THANK YOU to RCP parent Erin Lazzara and her business, Covet, for a fun, hands-on workshop fundraiser at Gut Check Nutrition in Loomis.