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Lots of sunshine for OCTY's last event of this school year!

On Sunday, May 1st, our teens got together to enjoy pizza and brownies and also celebrate Jordyn Moscowitz, our graduating senior. We will miss Jordyn so much and wish her well in everything that lies ahead for her!

We had a special guest, Stephanie Orr, who enlisted OCTY's help with making stress balls and writing thank-you notes to be delivered to local first responder groups. Thank you for running this great mitzvah!

Thank you to all our teens for making our youth group so vibrant this past year! It's been a pleasure to see such great turnout month after month, and our teens can feel great about the mitzvahs they completed all year long: from food and toy drives to coat and diaper drives to grounds work at OC and help with the Purim Carnival. They are excellent volunteers for both our community and the larger community!

Happy Summer! See you in the Fall for more great OCTY events together!

OCTY co-presidents:

Jordyn Moscowitz (

Noah Metelitsa (

Mat 1st - Last Event of 2021-2022

April 3rd - Slime Time and Diaper Drive

March 13th - Purim Speil and Carnival

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February 27th - Pizza and Purim Planning

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December 5th - Toy Drive and Hanukkah Houses

Thanks to our wonderful community, OCTY is on a roll!

On the heels of the November Coat Drive, OCTY's December Toy Drive was also a great success, with enough bags of toys and games to fill Jordyn Moscowitz's car! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Toy Drive, and thanks especially to Jordyn for handling the transportation and delivery of all the donations to the Family Success Center in Flemington. Great job, OCTY!!

We were so happy to see our youth group together again on Sunday, December 5th. They ran the Toy Drive and also enjoyed working on "Hanukkah houses." They were all so creative! See the pictures below.

Check back here soon for an update about OCTY's plans for 2022! Got an idea for a fun event or mitzvah? Reach out to Jordyn or Noah to see what can work and help with organizing!

OCTY co-presidents:

Jordyn Moscowitz and Noah Metelitsa

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2021-11-21 OCTY Coat Drive 1.jpg
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OCTY is so pleased to announce our teens collected 76 coats during the Coat Drive this month! Thank you to everyone who dropped off donations! This was a wonderful success! Special thanks to Sam Orr and Stephanie Orr for handling the delivery of all the coats to SAFE in Hunterdon and Volunteers of America in Somerville.

On November 21, OCTY teens enjoyed pizza together, organized all the coat donations by size into bags and boxes, and wrote thank-you cards to our Or Chadash teaching staff and members of the Board of Trustees. We were grateful for the gorgeous, sunny weather and the time to hang together!

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October 3rd - The Gravity Vault