The Easton Choral Arts Society is proud to present its Spring 2024 program “Of Water To Sky”, a choral concert featuring the works of female composers in a celebration of the powerful feminine influence embodied in nature. ECAS will showcase the voices of remarkable women who have left an indelible mark on the musical field.


From the timeless compositions of Hildegard von Bingen and Fanny Crosby to the emotive, but often overlooked, works of Clara Schumann to contemporary voices like Andrea Ramsey and Alice Parker, the concert invites audiences to explore the breadth and depth of the feminine musical spirit.

Our singers are enthralled with "Measure Me, Sky" by Elaine Hagenberg, who composed the beautiful "Love's Pure Light" - her version of "Silent Night" (a favorite of our audience at the ECAS Holiday 2023 concert)

Watch and listen to "Measure Me, Sky" by Elaine Hagenberg

Breaking away from traditional portrayals, “Of Water To Sky” goes beyond the delicate and sweet aspects associated with femininity, opting instead to magnify the strength and grandeur of the ultimate feminine image, Mother Nature. The thematic focus on the formidable forces of water and sky serves as a metaphor for the resilience, power, and beauty inherent in the voices of these gifted composers and their works. As the melodies soar, the texts all echo the theme - from pieces about the water in the thickness of the earth’s mud to towering ocean waves to gusting wind to the great vastness of the sky even to the celestial bodies of our sun and moon.

Highlighting a diversity of styles, the program features the music of Rosephanye Powell, Sarah Quartel, Melissa Dunphy, Melanie DeMore, Eliza Gilkyson and more. The program will also host a world premiere by our artistic director, Alexis Renee Ward, with "Child Moon", a new piece for choir, piano, and clarinet.

Join us on this musical odyssey as we amplify female voices in the choral world, embracing the strength and creativity that flow from the depths of water to the vastness of the sky.

Watch and listen to Melanie DeMore, one of the composers,

discussing the origin and style of her song, "Blessed Be."

Easton Choral Arts Spring 2024 Concerts

Friday April 26th 7:30 pm

Sunday April 28th 4:00 pm

Christ Church

111 South Harrison St

Easton, MD 21601

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