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Be part of this Networking event in Miami, for Entrepreneurs with the Greatest Cultural Diversity

With a recognized 13 years of History in the Market, the Business Expo Creates a suitable Environment to Expand your Business Vision, Raising Your Brand from Anonymity, Achieving Growth and Development, all in one single event.

As a Latin Entrepreneur and Business Person in Miami, you should...

Overcome one of the biggest challenges: 

How to Thrive and Survive in this Economy

You will agree with me when we talk about Business in this Country, everything is different, nothing is the same as in your Home Country.

The harsh truth is that in this market, having a First-Class Product and Excellent Customer Service does not make you Unique and Different. In fact, that is the least you will need to be in the play.

Because no matter how much experience you have and even if you replicate a business model that was very successful in your country, if you don't face this challenge with the Right Tools, you Run the Risk of Going Out of Business.

If you Feel Lost and Don't Know What Are The Next Steps, It Might Be Because:


You are Starting Your Business and Don't Know How to Promote and Make it Grow.

You Don't Know How to Give more Visibility to Your Product or Services to Increase Sales.

You Have Tried Many Strategies, But still Have Not Been Able to Attract More Customers.

all of that plus, the fact that you invested all the resources you had, which in many cases were fruits of your business or work in your home country, and also all the legal issues, permits, hiring, credits, requirements and taxes, it drives you crazy.

Already at this point, you feel tired and spinning in a loop of uncertainty that leaves you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and with headaches.

How Do You Overcome This Great Challenge of Surviving and Thriving in This Economy?

The English naturalist and scientist Charles Darwin wrote: 

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change."

The same thing happens with Business in Miami, as an Entrepreneur and Business Person you must be able to Learn and Adapt to this Economy.

In the golden age of silent movies, which lasted from 1894 to 1929, the most important thing was facial expressions and body movements. It was like if the actors had been able to create a new language, using only their movements.


Until suddenly one day, the first sound movie The Jazz Singer came along, and it changed everything forever.


At that moment what had been the most important thing, ceased to be relevant and the criteria of the film industry changed completely.

Some actors and directors in the era of silent movies refused the unstoppable change and were forgotten.


If you as an Entrepreneur or Business Person have not grasped that in the United States, you must Adapt, Make it Differently and with more Impact, just like those actors and directors of silent films, you run the risk of your Business Getting Lost Out There in a Big Ocean of Noises

To Survive and Thrive in this Economy, you Must be able to:

  • Create Connections

that increase the visibility of your business.

  • Discover New Business opportunities, so that they become more growth and momentum for you.
  • Develop Complementary Services that add more value to your product or service.
  • Share Ideas and Strategies that put you one step ahead of the competition.
  • Learn the New Trends, Tools that are being used in your area.
  • Ensure Access to New Potential customers, in a more direct way and without investing large resources in advertising.

You Can Accomplish All this and More, When you use the Most Effective and Inexpensive Resource you Have: Networking

Forget everything you Have heard on this subject!

Because what we do Goes Beyond Making Relationship and Exchanging Cards

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With a history of more than 13 years, This is the Networking Event for Entrepreneurs in Miami, with the Greatest Cultural Diversity.

Because we have created an ideal environment for you to be able to find and take advantage of incredible opportunities with key business people, willing to unite their skills and resources with you, and thus obtain exponential growth and consequently a greater impact.

And the best thing is that you, as a participant, will be able to present your product, service, idea or project, in a more intimate and privileged dynamic of interaction, called Round Table.

With this type of Networking one-on-one, you will have the opportunity to meet face to face with an Exclusive Group of 20 Business and Corporate Leaders, to whom you will be able to speak directly about Your Business.

This Event Was Designed for you to Live an Experience that mixes Learning, Networking Relationships and Entertainment, all at the same time.

If You at This Moment:

1. Are an Entrepreneur or Business Person in Miami.


2. Have a Business Idea and you want to meet Potential Investors.


3. Have an Enterprise with more than 1 years and you still cannot make it grow.


4. Replicated the business you had in your native country, but it is not working here.


5. Want to start a Business in Miami and you don't know how the system works in the USA: Permits, Taxes, Personnel Hiring Laws, among others.


Business Expo Doral

by Community Networker 2023


Friday, March 03, 2023

9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.



Firefighters Memorial Building

8000 NW 21st St, Doral, FL 33122

What Does Your Participation in the Business Expo include?

As the creator and organizer of the Business Expo, I have been able to verify that 64% of the participants do not prepare adequately for this type of expo, which limits their participation to only being mere spectators and reduces their success to only 30%.

The problem is, if you are not prepared to answer this to a Potential Investor:

⚪ What is your Business about and how do you do it.

⚪ What benefits he will obtain, if he decides to Become a Partner.

⚪ What is your True and Unique Value.


Your Entrepreneurship will go unnoticed and you will lost a Great Opportunity to attract and impress as many contacts as possible.

For this reason we have decided to make a change in the participation and we created for this edition, only for a small group of participants, a series of additional benefits, which will allow you to better prepare and therefore Achieve Maximum Participation and Success in the Business Expo.

Here we have the types of participation plans, so that you can choose The Most Suitable for your Business.

Community Networker 

[email protected]

Contacto: 786.312.7675/  305.964.8657 

Bjorn Borg is considered one of the greats of tennis, at the time he won 96 tournaments in the most important competitions and was the first superstar of this sport.


After only 9 years of career he retired, some time later he decided to return again, however, some things had changed.


At the time, Borg played with wooden rackets, by the time he decided to return everyone was using carbon fiber rackets. New talents and technology had modernized tennis.

But Borg ignored it and decided to play with the old and outdated wooden rackets and of course as a result, he couldn't win anymore.


Like Borg, it does not matter how successful you were in your Home Country with a business, if you do not adapt and are realistic with the way we do business in this Country, no matter how much experience you have, it will end up being an inevitable failure.

My name is María Antonieta Hernández and I am the President and CEO of Community Networker and like you I came here and started my Bussines with Excitement.

I am from Venezuela and in my country I was a Children's Clothes wholesaler, a business in which I achieved excellent returns, therefore when I arrived in Miami, I thought that I could do the same here.

The results?

I lost all my financial resources, I was physically and emotionally exhausted.

If anyone knows what it's like to come to Florida and put their time, money, and everything they own into a business and then lose it all, it's me.

After this, I started as volunteer in Chambers of Commerce and foundations that helped small entrepreneurs. There, when listening to my story replicated in people who came from other Latin America, I understood that, like the former tennis player, we didn't know how to adapt and we allowed ignorance and impulse to lead us to failure.


Then I found my purpose: To help people of different nationalities, to meet and connect with key people, that could support them to start a successful Business in South Florida.

And just as Sun Tzu, the Chinese general and author of the book The Art of War, wisely wrote one day:

"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity."

And from my Opportunity, I created Community Networker.

 Today, with 13 years of experience and a large workgroup made up of 6 people. I am proud to say that we bet on quality in everything we do, we do it with Passion as the main ingredient, and we carry Honesty as a flag.

In all the years that we have successfully carried out the Business Expo, we have always used, promoted, and applied Networking, with the aim of helping you to start and prosper in this economy.


We only do for you, the same thing that works for us, but organized in a key event so that you achieve more customers, more sales, and more visibility in your business, combining your capabilities, your resources, and your skills with other brands.

For that reason we count on these Media Channels, who have supported us and will be present in this New Edition. 

This is What Some Entrepreneurs and Business Persons have To Say About Previous Business Expo.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long does the Business Expo last?

The event lasts one (01) day only, opens to the public at 9:00 A.M. and closes at 5:00 P.M.


 2. How many people visit the Expo?

Between 1,200 and 1,500 people visit us


3.     What kind of people visit the Expo?

Corporate leaders, owners of companies in different areas: media, technology, services, mass consumer products, among others. Most of them are entrepreneurs who are looking for possible connections for future businesses and who also want to learn about new products or services.


4.   When and where will the expo be?

Friday 03 of March, 2023 starting at 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

At Firefighters Memorial Building 8000 NW 21st St, Miami, FL 33122

You Have an Important Decision to Make, But First Let Me Tell You Something...


In the business world there are 2 types of people, those who develop the ability to make things happen and those who simply wait to see what happens.

Richard Branson, creator of the Virgin brand, with more than 60 companies, ranging from travel, telecommunications, health, banking, music, among others, tells in his autobiography that his mother was determined that he should be independent.


In fact, when he was only 4 years old, he left him several kilometers from home, so that he could find his way back through a field.


That is why it is not surprising that when Branson was in Puerto Rico with all flights canceled, stuck on a runway, trying to get out of there for the British Virgin Islands, he looked for a way to find his way.

So he figured out how to charter a plane that could get him out of Puerto Rico, however the price was $ 2,000, which was more than Branson was willing to pay.


You Know what he did?


 He divided the $ 2,000 by the number of seats and stood in the middle of the airport, holding a blackboard where he wrote:

"$ 39 one way to the British Virgin Islands"


The next day, he had sold all the seats and left Puerto Rico for his destination.

That's How Virgin Airlines Was Born


Now I just have to ask you one question:

Are you willing to use your ability to make things happen or will you sit and wait to see what happens?


Only you have the answer, but if you are willing, this is your time to:

Get key business relationships, be among influential people and give your business more visibility, without investing large sums of money in advertising.


And the best thing you will put aside your fear of failure because...

 You Will be Able to Start a Successful Business and Prosper in this Economy.

What Plan Will You Choose?

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