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Essential for your Business

Direct Email Marketing is a perfect tool for your business! It provides you and your company the ability to share your message directly without any 3rd party interference between you and your consumers. It offers you the ability to showcase your business's products professionally, attach and share website links and videos, be engaging, is clear to read, and attractive. If that's not enough, it is by far the least expensive option when advertising and marketing your business. 

More importantly, direct email marketing allows you to build relationships with your past and current customers and prospective leads. It's your opportunity to speak directly to them via their inbox at a convenient time for them and, more often than not, on their devices and in their own homes. 

Direct email marketing is one of your most impactful channels when executed correctly. You are hiring the right people for the job with our professional business and direct email marketing expertise.

Promoting your business is more than just an email 

  • SEO & SMO - We will work with you and be responsible for planning, implementing, and managing your company's overall search engine and social media optimization. 
  • Social Media - We'll develop and implement your company's social media while supporting and improving your online presence and footprint. 
  • Email Content - We will provide the right style of print and digital content for your company, including sharing information and showcasing your goods and/or services. 
  • Email Marketing - We will create, proofread, and monitor your email marketing campaigns and manage your account and analytics.
  • Brand Strategies - We will analyze, offer solutions, and general marketing expertise to help your company sell your products. 

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Monthly Report

We will email you a monthly report followed up with a meeting via phone or video chat. We'll discuss the information we provided, what you're experiencing, and other thoughts, solutions, and ideas on how to continue increasing your business.

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Affordable Direct Email Marketing Rates

The average fee associated with direct email marketing is $1,185.00 per month. At Expand My Business, we offer a "Stay In Business" offer, which is 30% less than the regular service fee.

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Change won't happen, until you make it happen!