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Happy World Vegan Month!

Here at Origani we love all of our animal friends, big and small. And we're super excited to be able to celebrate World Vegan Month with you!

Happy World Vegan Day!

Our feature piece at the moment, and the article you'll probably be most interested in, is our celebration of World Vegan Day.

In this blog, we:

  • Give those new to the concept an overview of what a vegan lifestyle is
  • Explore the origin of World Vegan Day
  • Showcase some of our favourite vegan recipes
  • Share how to create the perfect vegan skincare routine
  • Have a chat about vegan beauty products
  • And more

So click on through and have a read!


Want to discover a collection of our favourite recipes?

Get the Origani Limited Edition Vegan Cookbook by tapping the button below and dropping us your details:


Did you know that all of our mineral powders are vegan friendly?

This article showcases everything you need to know about our Mineral Lovers cosmetics range.


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