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2024 Microsoft 365 Updates Workshop

This 2024 Microsoft 365 Updates Workshop will focus on some of the existing and new M365 solutions capabilities, including audit permission changes, inventory management capabilities, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) capabilities, collaboration risks and controls associated with external users and sharing in Teams and OneDrive, identifying viable desktop virtualization approaches, using baselines assessments for security and audit, improving incident response and protecting organizations from the unknown.

Workshop agenda items:  

  • Audit Permissions & Inventory  
  1. Permissions 
  2. Inventory & CIS CSC 
  • Teams & SPO collaboration risks 
  1. Configuration 
  2. Risk mitigation 
  3. Audit 
  • Desktop Virtualization 
  1. VDI vs AVD 
  2. Windows 365 
  • OS & Azure Baselines 
  1. MD4E OS Baseline assessments 
  2. Azure baseline assessments 
  3. Compliance Manager 
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) capabilities 
  • XDR Incidents 
  1. Investigations 
  2. Improving Incident Detections & Response with honey 
  3. Protection from the Unknown  

About Robert Brzezinski:

Robert focuses on cloud productivity and cybersecurity technologies. As a certified Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect, Microsoft 365 Security Administrator and Azure Security Engineer, he specializes in Microsoft Cloud Solution’s architecture and Microsoft/Azure security. He helps organizations’ understand, and take full advantage of Microsoft solutions to effectively and efficiently protect their organizations and users; to streamline and automate IT operations, integrate security across different environments (on-prem, Azure and other clouds e.g. AWS etc.); improve and de-duplicate security, compliance and auditing efforts, and put better cybersecurity, compliance and IT strategies in place. In addition to fractional CIO/CISO/advisory services, Robert works hands-on with enterprise security and/or infrastructure engineering teams to provide knowledge transfer, to develop better incident response playbooks, and to create comprehensive, Cloud focused IT/cybersecurity strategies to manage organization's risk exposure more effectively, and to support organizations digital transformation efforts. 

To Be Announced

Apr 23, 2024 08:00am ET - Apr 23, 2024 12:00pm ET