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J-1 Social Security Sign-up Days

We got our Social Security Cards

We have secured Wednesday, July 17th at the Ephraim Village Hall for our next sign-up day event. We will start scheduling appointments after the 4th, but you are encouraged to submit your appointment requests now by completing our online submission form below.

IMPORTANT: To use this convenience, each student must arrive at the Ephraim Village Hall with original documents, completed applications, and necessary photocopies, as outlined on our updated Sign-up Day Checklist, to qualify for this remote event.

If you cannot commit to the pre-appointment preparations, Exchange Visitors can apply for a Social Security card at the Social Security Administration office in Green Bay without photocopies. (You can find the updated instructions and office address in the Office Visit Checklist.)

Our Social Security Sign-up Day is coordinated as a convenience and we don't have the equipment to provide the full-service experience available in the Green Bay office. Your Summer Work Travel participant Must Come Prepared to take advantage of this opportunity. Please don't put them, or us, in the uncomfortable position of having to turn them away for not bringing required copies, original documents, or completed paperwork.

Thank you for your understanding.