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Balcony & Parking Coating

COELAN® Parking & Balcony coating systems are multi-layered hard working systems that offer numerous design variations for parking & balcony applications.

BALCONY SYSTEM: Expands and contracts with normal structural movements. Apply on concrete or wood to protect substrate from spalling, freeze/thaw damage, and commonly encountered chemicals.

PARKING SYSTEM: Tough enough to withstand vehicular traffic and impact loads. Available in standard and heavy-duty build ups and is specifically engineered to not soften in heat or embrittle in cold weather.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low odor products
  • Meets AQMD and SCAQMD air quality and VOC regulations
  • UV, chemical, and weather resistant
  • Easily re-coat & repair
  • Available fire-rated assemblies
  • Variety of stock, non-stock, and custom colors available

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Fibered Repair Resin

COELAN® Fibered Flash is a single component, high viscosity resin specifically designed as a liquid-applied roofing and waterproofing repair patch. Applied by trowel or brush, the resin cures into a high tensile strength patch.

Fibered Flash is ideal for sealing leaky roof penetrations, duct work, flashings, cracks, joints, and tears. It may be used to a variety of roofing systems, including EPDM, TPO, Modified Bitumen, Wood, Metal, Concrete and Cured Foam.

Features & Benefits:

  • Single component
  • Water-based
  • Non-toxic (contains no VOC’S)
  • Fiber reinforced
  • Will not crack or peel due to UV
  • Low Temperature flexibility
  • Resealable Packaging
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Withstand ponding water
  • Quick & cost effective Repair

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Balcony & Parking Coating Documents

System Data Sheets:

Technical Data Sheets (TDS):

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